May 14 All Events

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May 14th, 2007 (May 14 2007)DeathMary Goldsmith, American ceramist (born in 1908)
May 14th, 2007 (May 14 2007)DeathUlo Jogi, Estonian freedom fighter (born in 1921)
May 14th, 2006 (May 14 2006)DeathLew Anderson, American actor and bandleader (born in 1922)
May 14th, 2006 (May 14 2006)DeathStanley Kunitz, American poet (born in 1905)
May 14th, 2006 (May 14 2006)DeathEva Norvind, Mexican actress (born in 1944)
May 14th, 2005 (May 14 2005)EventPope Benedict XVI observes his first beatification, elevating Blessed Marianne of Molokai on the road to canonization into sainthood.
May 14th, 2005 (May 14 2005)EventThe former USS America (CV-66), a decommissioned supercarrier of the United States Navy, is deliberately sunk in the Atlantic Ocean after four weeks of live-fire exercises. She is the largest ship ever to be disposed of as a target in a military exercise.
May 14th, 2004 (May 14 2004)EventThe Constitutional Court of South Korea overturns the impeachment of President Roh Moo-hyun.
May 14th, 2004 (May 14 2004)EventThe marriage of Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark and Mary Donaldson takes place in Copenhagen.
May 14th, 2004 (May 14 2004)DeathAnna Lee, British actress (born in 1913)
May 14th, 2003 (May 14 2003)DeathDave DeBusschere, American basketball player (born in 1940)
May 14th, 2003 (May 14 2003)DeathWendy Hiller, British actress (born in 1912)
May 14th, 2003 (May 14 2003)DeathRobert Stack, American actor (born in 1919)
May 14th, 2002 (May 14 2002)EventTen members of the Darwin-based Network Against Prohibition invade the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory of Australia.
May 14th, 2000 (May 14 2000)DeathObuchi Keizo, Prime Minister of Japan (born in 1937)
May 14th, 1998 (May 14 1998)DeathFrank Sinatra, American singer and actor (born in 1915)Frank Sinatra Quotes
May 14th, 1998 (May 14 1998)DeathMarjory Stoneman Douglas, American conservationist (born in 1890)
May 14th, 1997 (May 14 1997)DeathHarry Blackstone Jr., American magician (born in 1934)
May 14th, 1995 (May 14 1995)EventTenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, proclaims six-year-old Gedhun Choekyi Nyima as the eleventh reincarnation of the Panchen Lama. Tenzin Gyatso Quotes
May 14th, 1995 (May 14 1995)DeathChristian B. Anfinsen, American Nobel laureate (born in 1916)
May 14th, 1993 (May 14 1993)BirthMiranda Cosgrove, American actress
May 14th, 1993 (May 14 1993)DeathPatrick Haemers, Belgian criminal (born in 1953)
May 14th, 1993 (May 14 1993)DeathWilliam Randolph Hearst Jr., American newspaper magnate (born in 1908)
May 14th, 1992 (May 14 1992)DeathLyle Alzado, American football player (born in 1949)
May 14th, 1992 (May 14 1992)DeathNie Rongzhen, Chinese Communist military leader (born in 1899)
May 14th, 1991 (May 14 1991)DeathJiang Qing, wife of Mao Zedong (born in 1914) Mao Zedong Quotes
May 14th, 1990 (May 14 1990)BirthEmily Samuelson, American ice dancer
May 14th, 1988 (May 14 1988)EventCarrollton bus collision: a drunk driver going the wrong way on Interstate 71 near Carrollton, Kentucky, United States hits a converted school bus carrying a church youth group. The crash and ensuing fire kill 27.
May 14th, 1988 (May 14 1988)DeathWillem Drees, Prime Minister of the Netherlands (born in 1886)
May 14th, 1987 (May 14 1987)BirthFranck Songo o, Cameroonian footballer
May 14th, 1987 (May 14 1987)BirthFrancois Steyn, South African rugby union footballer
May 14th, 1987 (May 14 1987)DeathRita Hayworth, American actress (born in 1918)
May 14th, 1986 (May 14 1986)BirthCamila Sodi, Mexican actress
May 14th, 1985 (May 14 1985)BirthSally Martin, American actress
May 14th, 1985 (May 14 1985)DeathMei Ling Barbara Yung, Hong Kong actress (born in 1959)
May 14th, 1984 (May 14 1984)BirthGary Ablett, Jr., Australian rules footballer
May 14th, 1984 (May 14 1984)BirthMichael Rensing, German footballer
May 14th, 1984 (May 14 1984)BirthNigel Reo-Coker, English footballer
May 14th, 1984 (May 14 1984)BirthMark Zuckerberg, American internet entrepreneur
May 14th, 1984 (May 14 1984)DeathWalter Rauff, German colonel (born in 1906)
May 14th, 1983 (May 14 1983)BirthAnahi, Mexican actress and singer
May 14th, 1983 (May 14 1983)BirthUros Slokar, Slovenian basketball player
May 14th, 1983 (May 14 1983)BirthAmber Tamblyn, American actress
May 14th, 1983 (May 14 1983)BirthTom Welham, British musician (Thirteen Senses)
May 14th, 1983 (May 14 1983)DeathRoger J. Traynor, American judge (born in 1900)
May 14th, 1983 (May 14 1983)DeathMiguel Aleman Valdes, President of Mexico (born in 1900)
May 14th, 1982 (May 14 1982)BirthBeardyMan, English beatboxer
May 14th, 1982 (May 14 1982)BirthAi Shibata, Japanese swimmer
May 14th, 1982 (May 14 1982)DeathHugh Beaumont, American actor (born in 1909)
May 14th, 1981 (May 14 1981)BirthSarbel, Greek-born singer
May 14th, 1980 (May 14 1980)BirthZdenek Grygera, Czech footballer
May 14th, 1980 (May 14 1980)BirthEugene Martineau, Dutch decathlete
May 14th, 1980 (May 14 1980)BirthJulia Sebestyen, Hungarian figure skater
May 14th, 1980 (May 14 1980)BirthHugo Southwell, Scottish rugby union footballerHugo Ball Quotes
May 14th, 1980 (May 14 1980)DeathHugh Griffith, Welsh actor (born in 1912)
May 14th, 1979 (May 14 1979)BirthClinton Morrison, English-born Irish footballer
May 14th, 1979 (May 14 1979)BirthCarlos Tenorio, Ecuadorian footballer
May 14th, 1978 (May 14 1978)EventFirst round of the presidential elections in Upper Volta.
May 14th, 1978 (May 14 1978)BirthEddie House, American basketball player
May 14th, 1978 (May 14 1978)BirthBrent Harvey, Australian footballer
May 14th, 1978 (May 14 1978)BirthAndre Macanga, Angolan footballer
May 14th, 1978 (May 14 1978)BirthGustavo Varela, Uruguayan footballer
May 14th, 1978 (May 14 1978)DeathRobert Menzies, twelfth Prime Minister of Australia (born in 1894)
May 14th, 1977 (May 14 1977)BirthSophie Anderton, English model and television personality
May 14th, 1977 (May 14 1977)BirthRoy Halladay, American baseball player
May 14th, 1977 (May 14 1977)BirthAda Nicodemou, Australian actress
May 14th, 1976 (May 14 1976)BirthHunter Burgan, American musician (AFI)
May 14th, 1976 (May 14 1976)BirthBrian Lawrence, American baseball player
May 14th, 1976 (May 14 1976)BirthMartine McCutcheon, British actress
May 14th, 1976 (May 14 1976)DeathKeith Relf, British singer and musician (The Yardbirds) (born in 1943)
May 14th, 1975 (May 14 1975)BirthSalim Iles, Algerian swimmer
May 14th, 1975 (May 14 1975)BirthNicki Sorensen, Danish road bicycle racer
May 14th, 1974 (May 14 1974)BirthJennifer Allan, American model
May 14th, 1973 (May 14 1973)EventHuman Space Flight: Skylab, the United States first space station, is launchedied in It is the last launch of the Saturn V rocket.
May 14th, 1973 (May 14 1973)BirthVoshon Lenard, American basketball player Osho Quotes
May 14th, 1973 (May 14 1973)BirthNatalie Appleton, Canadian-born singer
May 14th, 1973 (May 14 1973)BirthAnais Granofsky, Canadian actress and director
May 14th, 1973 (May 14 1973)BirthJulian White, English rugby union footballer Julian Quotes
May 14th, 1973 (May 14 1973)DeathJean Gebser, German-born author, linguist, and poet (born in 1905)
May 14th, 1972 (May 14 1972)BirthGabriel Mann, American actor
May 14th, 1972 (May 14 1972)BirthMark Ruskell, England-born Scottish politician
May 14th, 1971 (May 14 1971)BirthSofia Coppola, American director
May 14th, 1970 (May 14 1970)EventThe Red Army Faction is established in Germany.
May 14th, 1970 (May 14 1970)EventMississippi state police kill two black students at Jackson State University.
May 14th, 1970 (May 14 1970)DeathBillie Burke, American actress (born in 1884)
May 14th, 1969 (May 14 1969)BirthCate Blanchett, Australian actressCate Blanchett Quotes
May 14th, 1969 (May 14 1969)BirthDanny Wood, American singer (New Kids on the Block)
May 14th, 1969 (May 14 1969)DeathFrederick Lane, Australian swimmer (born in 1888)
May 14th, 1968 (May 14 1968)DeathHusband E. Kimmel, American admiral (born in 1882)
May 14th, 1967 (May 14 1967)BirthTony Siragusa, American football player
May 14th, 1966 (May 14 1966)BirthMarianne Denicourt, French actress
May 14th, 1966 (May 14 1966)BirthMike Inez, American bassist
May 14th, 1966 (May 14 1966)BirthFabrice Morvan, French music artist (Milli Vanilli)
May 14th, 1966 (May 14 1966)BirthRaphael Saadiq, American musician (Tony! Toni! Tone!) Saadi Quotes
May 14th, 1965 (May 14 1965)BirthEoin Colfer, Irish writer
May 14th, 1964 (May 14 1964)BirthJames M. Kelly, American astronaut
May 14th, 1964 (May 14 1964)BirthEric Peterson, American musician (Testament)
May 14th, 1964 (May 14 1964)BirthSuzy Kolber, American sportscaster
May 14th, 1963 (May 14 1963)BirthPat Borders, American baseball player
May 14th, 1962 (May 14 1962)BirthIan Astbury, English singer (The Cult)
May 14th, 1962 (May 14 1962)BirthC. C. DeVille, American musician (Poison)
May 14th, 1962 (May 14 1962)DeathFlorence Auer, American actress (born in 1880)
May 14th, 1961 (May 14 1961)EventAmerican civil rights movement: The Freedom Riders bus is fire-bombed near Anniston, Alabama, and the civil rights protesters are beaten by an angry mob.
May 14th, 1961 (May 14 1961)EventStirling Moss wins the 1961 Monaco Grand Prix.
May 14th, 1961 (May 14 1961)BirthUlrike Folkerts, German actress
May 14th, 1961 (May 14 1961)BirthJean Leclerc, French-Canadian singer and songwriter
May 14th, 1961 (May 14 1961)BirthTim Roth, English actor
May 14th, 1961 (May 14 1961)BirthAlain Vigneault, Canadian ice hockey coach
May 14th, 1960 (May 14 1960)BirthAnne Clark, English singer
May 14th, 1960 (May 14 1960)BirthSteve Williams, American wrestler
May 14th, 1959 (May 14 1959)BirthPatrick Bruel, French singer
May 14th, 1959 (May 14 1959)BirthSteve Hogarth, British singer (Marillion)
May 14th, 1959 (May 14 1959)BirthRick Vaive, Canadian ice hockey player
May 14th, 1959 (May 14 1959)DeathSidney Bechet, American musician (born in 1897)
May 14th, 1958 (May 14 1958)BirthChristine Brennan, American sports columnist
May 14th, 1957 (May 14 1957)BirthLeon White, American professional wrestler
May 14th, 1957 (May 14 1957)DeathMarie Vassilieff, Russian artist (born in 1884)
May 14th, 1955 (May 14 1955)EventCold War: Eight communist bloc countries, including the Soviet Union, sign a mutual defense treaty called the Warsaw Pact.
May 14th, 1955 (May 14 1955)BirthDennis Martinez, Nicaraguan baseball player
May 14th, 1954 (May 14 1954)BirthJens Sparschuh, German writer
May 14th, 1954 (May 14 1954)DeathHeinz Guderian, German General (born in 1888)Heinz Guderian Quotes
May 14th, 1953 (May 14 1953)BirthTom Cochrane, Canadian musician (Red Rider)
May 14th, 1953 (May 14 1953)BirthNorodom Sihamoni, King of Cambodia
May 14th, 1952 (May 14 1952)BirthDavid Byrne, Scottish-born American musician (Talking Heads)David Byrne Quotes
May 14th, 1952 (May 14 1952)BirthScott Irwin, American professional wrestler (died in 1987)
May 14th, 1952 (May 14 1952)BirthDonald R. McMonagle, American astronaut
May 14th, 1952 (May 14 1952)BirthRobert Zemeckis, American film director
May 14th, 1950 (May 14 1950)BirthAdolfo Dominguez, Spanish fashion designer
May 14th, 1949 (May 14 1949)BirthKlaus-Peter Thaler, German cyclist
May 14th, 1948 (May 14 1948)EventIsrael is declared to be an independent state and a provisional government is establishedied in Immediately after the declaration, Israel is attacked by the neighboring Arab states, triggering the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.
May 14th, 1948 (May 14 1948)BirthBob Woolmer, English cricket coach (died in 2007)
May 14th, 1947 (May 14 1947)BirthTamara Dobson, American actress (died in 2006)
May 14th, 1945 (May 14 1945)BirthFrancesca Annis, British actress
May 14th, 1945 (May 14 1945)BirthYochanan Vollach, Israeli footballer and president of Maccabi Haifa
May 14th, 1945 (May 14 1945)DeathHeber J. Grant, seventh president of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (born in 1856) Jesus Christ Quotes
May 14th, 1944 (May 14 1944)BirthGeorge Lucas, American film directorGeorge Lucas Quotes
May 14th, 1943 (May 14 1943)EventSinking of the Australian Hospital Ship Centaur off the coast of Queensland, by a Japanese submarine.
May 14th, 1943 (May 14 1943)BirthJack Bruce, Scottish bassist (Cream)
May 14th, 1943 (May 14 1943)BirthOlafur Ragnar Grimsson, President of Iceland
May 14th, 1943 (May 14 1943)BirthDerek Leckenby, British musician (Herman s Hermits) (died in 1994)
May 14th, 1943 (May 14 1943)BirthElizabeth Ray, American sex scandal figure
May 14th, 1943 (May 14 1943)DeathHenri La Fontaine, Belgian Nobel Peace Prize laureate (born in 1854)
May 14th, 1942 (May 14 1942)BirthValeriy Brumel, Soviet athlete (died in 2003)
May 14th, 1942 (May 14 1942)BirthByron Dorgan, American politician
May 14th, 1942 (May 14 1942)BirthPrentis Hancock, British actor
May 14th, 1942 (May 14 1942)BirthTony Perez, Cuban baseball player
May 14th, 1942 (May 14 1942)BirthRudiger Vogler, German actor
May 14th, 1940 (May 14 1940)EventWorld War II: Rotterdam is bombed by the German Luftwaffe.
May 14th, 1940 (May 14 1940)EventWorld War II: The Netherlands surrenders to Germany.
May 14th, 1940 (May 14 1940)BirthTroy Shondell, American singer
May 14th, 1940 (May 14 1940)Birth H . Jones, British Soldier (VC recipient) (died in 1982)
May 14th, 1940 (May 14 1940)DeathEmma Goldman, Lithuanian-born anarchist (born in 1869)Emma Goldman Quotes
May 14th, 1939 (May 14 1939)EventLina Medina becomes the world s youngest confirmed mother in medical history at the age of five.
May 14th, 1936 (May 14 1936)BirthBobby Darin, American singer (died in 1973)
May 14th, 1936 (May 14 1936)BirthCharlie Gracie, American singer
May 14th, 1936 (May 14 1936)BirthWaheeda Rehman, Indian actress
May 14th, 1936 (May 14 1936)DeathEdmund Henry Hynman Allenby, British general (born in 1861)
May 14th, 1935 (May 14 1935)EventThe Philippines ratifies an independence agreement.
May 14th, 1935 (May 14 1935)EventNorthamptonshire County Cricket Club gains (over Somerset at Taunton by 48 runs) what proved to be their last victory for 99 matches, a record in the County Championship. Their next Championship win was not until May 29, 1939.
May 14th, 1934 (May 14 1934)BirthSian Phillips, Welsh actress
May 14th, 1934 (May 14 1934)DeathLou Criger, American baseball player (born in 1872)
May 14th, 1933 (May 14 1933)BirthFrank Harte, Irish singer and song collector
May 14th, 1933 (May 14 1933)BirthMichael Chevalier, German voice actor
May 14th, 1932 (May 14 1932)BirthRobert Bechtle, American painter
May 14th, 1931 (May 14 1931)EventAdalen shootings: five people are killed in Adalen, Sweden, as soldiers open fire on an unarmed trade union demonstration.
May 14th, 1931 (May 14 1931)BirthAlvin Lucier, American composer
May 14th, 1931 (May 14 1931)DeathDavid Belasco, American theatrical producer (born in 1853)
May 14th, 1931 (May 14 1931)DeathDenys Finch Hatton, English big-game hunter (born in 1887)
May 14th, 1929 (May 14 1929)EventWilfred Rhodes takes his 4000th first-class wicket during a performance of 9 for 39 at Leyton.
May 14th, 1929 (May 14 1929)BirthHenry McGee, British actor (died in 2006)
May 14th, 1929 (May 14 1929)BirthGump Worsley, Canadian ice hockey player (died in 2007)
May 14th, 1929 (May 14 1929)BirthBarbara Branden, Canadian writer and lecturer
May 14th, 1928 (May 14 1928)BirthChe Guevara, Argentine Marxist revolutionary (died in 1967)
May 14th, 1928 (May 14 1928)BirthWill "Dub Jones, American singer (The Coasters) (died in 2000)
May 14th, 1928 (May 14 1928)BirthFrederik H. Kreuger, Dutch scientist and inventor
May 14th, 1927 (May 14 1927)EventCap Arcona is launched at the Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg.
May 14th, 1927 (May 14 1927)EventThe University of Chicago s local collegiate organization, Phi Sigma, becomes incorporated under Illinois law as Eta Sigma Phi, the National Honorary Classical Fraternity.
May 14th, 1927 (May 14 1927)BirthHerbert W. Franke, Austrian writer
May 14th, 1926 (May 14 1926)BirthEric Morecambe, British comedian (died in 1984)
May 14th, 1925 (May 14 1925)EventVirginia Woolf s novel Mrs Dalloway is published.Virginia Woolf Quotes
May 14th, 1925 (May 14 1925)BirthPatrice Munsel, American opera soprano
May 14th, 1925 (May 14 1925)BirthAl Porcino, American jazz trumpet player
May 14th, 1925 (May 14 1925)DeathH. Rider Haggard, English author (born in 1856)
May 14th, 1923 (May 14 1923)BirthAdnan Pachachi, Iraqi politician
May 14th, 1923 (May 14 1923)BirthMrinal Sen, Indian film director
May 14th, 1923 (May 14 1923)DeathCharles de Freycinet, French prime minister (born in 1828)
May 14th, 1922 (May 14 1922)BirthFranjo Tudman, Croatian politician (died in 1999)
May 14th, 1921 (May 14 1921)BirthRichard Deacon, American actor (died in 1984)
May 14th, 1921 (May 14 1921)BirthArve Opsahl, Norwegian actor (died in 2007)
May 14th, 1919 (May 14 1919)BirthSolange Chaput-Rolland, French-Canadian journalist and politician (died in 2001)
May 14th, 1919 (May 14 1919)BirthJohn Hope, American meteorologist (died in 2002)
May 14th, 1919 (May 14 1919)DeathHenry John Heinz, founder of the H. J. Heinz Company (born in 1844)
May 14th, 1918 (May 14 1918)DeathJames Gordon Bennett, Jr., American newspaper publisher (born in 1841)
May 14th, 1917 (May 14 1917)BirthLou Harrison, American composer (died in 2003)
May 14th, 1916 (May 14 1916)BirthLance Dossor, British-born concert pianist (died in 2005)
May 14th, 1916 (May 14 1916)BirthDel Moore, American comedian (died in 1970)
May 14th, 1916 (May 14 1916)BirthMarco Zanuso, Italian architect
May 14th, 1913 (May 14 1913)EventNew York Governor William Sulzer approves the charter for the Rockefeller Foundation, which begins operations with a $100 million donation from John D. Rockefeller.John D. Rockefeller Quotes
May 14th, 1912 (May 14 1912)DeathFrederick VIII of Denmark (born in 1843)
May 14th, 1912 (May 14 1912)DeathAugust Strindberg, Swedish author (born in 1849)
May 14th, 1907 (May 14 1907)BirthHans von der Groeben, German diplomat (died in 2005)
May 14th, 1907 (May 14 1907)BirthAyub Khan, President of Pakistan (died in 1974)
May 14th, 1907 (May 14 1907)BirthJohnny Moss, American poker player (died in 1995)
May 14th, 1906 (May 14 1906)DeathCarl Schurz, German revolutionary and statesman (born in 1829)
May 14th, 1905 (May 14 1905)BirthJean Danielou, French cardinal (died in 1974)
May 14th, 1905 (May 14 1905)BirthHerbert Morrison, American radio announcer (died in 1989)
May 14th, 1904 (May 14 1904)BirthHans Albert Einstein, American professor (died in 1973)Albert Einstein Quotes
May 14th, 1904 (May 14 1904)BirthMarcel Junod, Swiss physician (died in 1961)
May 14th, 1903 (May 14 1903)BirthBillie Dove, American actress (died in 1997)
May 14th, 1901 (May 14 1901)BirthRobert Ritter, German psychologist (died in 1951)
May 14th, 1900 (May 14 1900)BirthHal Borland, American author (died in 1978)Hal Borland Quotes
May 14th, 1900 (May 14 1900)BirthLeo Smit, Dutch composer (died in 1943)
May 14th, 1900 (May 14 1900)BirthEdgar Wind, German art historian (died in 1971)
May 14th, 1899 (May 14 1899)BirthPierre Victor Auger, French physicist (died in 1993)
May 14th, 1899 (May 14 1899)BirthEarle Combs, American baseball player (died in 1976)
May 14th, 1897 (May 14 1897)BirthSidney Bechet, American musician (died in 1959)
May 14th, 1897 (May 14 1897)BirthEd Ricketts, American marine biologist (died in 1948)
May 14th, 1893 (May 14 1893)BirthLouis Verneuil, French playwright (died in 1952)
May 14th, 1893 (May 14 1893)DeathErnst Kummer, German mathematician (born in 1810)
May 14th, 1890 (May 14 1890)BirthAlex Pompez, American baseball executive (died in 1974)
May 14th, 1889 (May 14 1889)EventThe children s charity the NSPCC is launched in London.
May 14th, 1889 (May 14 1889)DeathVolney E. Howard, American politician (born in 1809)
May 14th, 1887 (May 14 1887)DeathLysander Spooner, American philosopher (born in 1808) Philo Quotes
May 14th, 1885 (May 14 1885)BirthOtto Klemperer, German-born conductor (died in 1973)
May 14th, 1881 (May 14 1881)BirthG. Murray Hulbert, American politician (died in 1950)
May 14th, 1881 (May 14 1881)BirthEd Walsh, American baseball player (died in 1959)
May 14th, 1880 (May 14 1880)BirthWilhelm List, German field marshal (died in 1971)
May 14th, 1879 (May 14 1879)EventThe first group of 463 Indian indentured labourers arrive in Fiji aboard the Leonidas.
May 14th, 1878 (May 14 1878)BirthJames L. Wilkinson, American baseball executive (died in 1964)
May 14th, 1878 (May 14 1878)DeathOokubo Toshimichi, Japanese statesman, samurai, and one of the three great nobles who led the Meiji Restoration (born in 1830)
May 14th, 1873 (May 14 1873)DeathGideon Brecher, Austrian physician and writer (born in 1797)
May 14th, 1872 (May 14 1872)BirthElia Dalla Costa, Italian cardinals (died in 1961)
May 14th, 1870 (May 14 1870)EventThe first game of rugby in New Zealand is played in Nelson between Nelson College and the Nelson Rugby Football Club.
May 14th, 1868 (May 14 1868)EventJapanese Boshin War: end of the Battle of Utsunomiya Castle, former Shogunate forces withdraw northward to Aizu by way of Nikko.
May 14th, 1867 (May 14 1867)BirthKurt Eisner, German politician (died in 1919)
May 14th, 1863 (May 14 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: The Battle of Jackson takes place.
May 14th, 1861 (May 14 1861)EventThe Canellas meteorite, an 859-gram chondrite-type meteorite, strikes the earth near Barcelona, Spain.
May 14th, 1860 (May 14 1860)DeathLudwig Bechstein, German writer (born in 1801)
May 14th, 1847 (May 14 1847)DeathFanny Mendelssohn, German composer and pianist (born in 1805)
May 14th, 1832 (May 14 1832)BirthRudolf Lipschitz, German mathematician (died in 1903)
May 14th, 1818 (May 14 1818)DeathMatthew Gregory Lewis, English novelist (born in 1775)
May 14th, 1817 (May 14 1817)BirthAlexander Kaufmann, German poet (died in 1893)
May 14th, 1814 (May 14 1814)BirthCharles Beyer, German-British locomotive engineer (died in 1876)
May 14th, 1811 (May 14 1811)EventParaguay gains independence from Spain.
May 14th, 1804 (May 14 1804)EventThe Lewis and Clark Expedition departs from Camp Dubois and begins its historic journey by traveling up the Missouri River.
May 14th, 1796 (May 14 1796)EventEdward Jenner administers the first smallpox vaccination.
May 14th, 1781 (May 14 1781)BirthFriedrich Ludwig Georg von Raumer, German historian (died in 1873)
May 14th, 1771 (May 14 1771)BirthRobert Owen, Welsh social reformer (died in 1858)
May 14th, 1761 (May 14 1761)DeathThomas Simpson, British mathematician (born in 1710)
May 14th, 1754 (May 14 1754)DeathPierre-Claude Nivelle de La Chaussee, French writer (born in 1692)
May 14th, 1752 (May 14 1752)BirthTimothy Dwight, American theologian (died in 1817)
May 14th, 1752 (May 14 1752)BirthAlbrecht Thaer, German agronomist (died in 1828)
May 14th, 1747 (May 14 1747)EventA British fleet under Admiral George Anson defeats the French at first battle of Cape Finisterre.
May 14th, 1737 (May 14 1737)BirthGeorge Macartney, 1st Earl Macartney, British statesman (died in 1806)
May 14th, 1727 (May 14 1727)BirthThomas Gainsborough, English artist (died in 1788)
May 14th, 1725 (May 14 1725)BirthLudovico Manin, last Doge of Venice (died in 1802)
May 14th, 1710 (May 14 1710)BirthKing Adolf Frederick of Sweden (died in 1771)
May 14th, 1701 (May 14 1701)BirthWilliam Emerson, English mathematician (died in 1782)
May 14th, 1699 (May 14 1699)BirthHans Joachim von Zieten, Prussian field marshal (died in 1786)
May 14th, 1688 (May 14 1688)DeathAntoine Furetiere, French writer (born in 1619)
May 14th, 1679 (May 14 1679)BirthPeder Horrebow, Danish astronomer (died in 1764)
May 14th, 1669 (May 14 1669)DeathGeorges de Scudery, French writer (born in 1601)
May 14th, 1666 (May 14 1666)BirthVictor Amadeus II of Sardinia (died in 1732)
May 14th, 1649 (May 14 1649)DeathFriedrich Spanheim, Dutch theologian (born in 1600)
May 14th, 1643 (May 14 1643)EventFour-year-old Louis XIV becomes King of France upon the death of his father, Louis XIII.
May 14th, 1643 (May 14 1643)DeathLouis XIII of France (born in 1601)
May 14th, 1610 (May 14 1610)EventAssassination of Henri IV of France, bringing Louis XIII to the throne.
May 14th, 1610 (May 14 1610)DeathHenry IV of France (born in 1553)
May 14th, 1608 (May 14 1608)EventThe Protestant Union is founded in Auhausen.
May 14th, 1608 (May 14 1608)DeathCharles III, Duke of Lorraine (born in 1543)
May 14th, 1607 (May 14 1607)EventJamestown, Virginia is settled as an English colony.
May 14th, 1574 (May 14 1574)DeathGuru Amar Das, third Sikh Guru (born in 1479)
May 14th, 1553 (May 14 1553)BirthMargaret of Valois, wife of Henry IV (died in 1615)
May 14th, 1509 (May 14 1509)EventBattle of Agnadello: In northern Italy, French forces defeat the Venetians.
May 14th, 1483 (May 14 1483)EventCoronation of Charles VIII of France ("Charles l Affable").
May 14th, 1470 (May 14 1470)DeathCharles VIII of Sweden (born in 1409)
May 14th, 1316 (May 14 1316)BirthCharles IV, Holy Roman Emperor (died in 1378)
May 14th, 1265 (May 14 1265)BirthDante Alighieri, Italian poet (died in 1321)
May 14th, 1264 (May 14 1264)EventBattle of Lewes: Henry III of England is captured in France making Simon de Montfort the de facto ruler of England.
May 14th, 0964 (May 14 0964)DeathPope John XII

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